Shugo Chara!
Soul Eater
Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga O
Minami-ke: Okawari
Hatenkou Yuugi

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Dragonball Movies
Movie #01: The Legend of Shenlong
Movie #02: The Princess in Devil's Castle
Movie #03: Mysterious Adventures
Dragonball Z Movies
Movie #01: The Dead Zone
Movie #02: The World's Strongest
Movie #03: The Tree of Might
Movie #04: This is the Super Saiyajin, Son Goku
Movie #05: Fantastic Ultimate Strength vs. Ultimate Strength
Movie #06: Clash! 10 Billion Power Fighter
Movie #07: Battle Limit! The three Super Saiyajins
Movie #08: Burnout! Fierce Fight, Violent Fight, Super-Exciting Fight
Movie #09: The Galaxy's in Danger! The super awesome Guy!
Movie #10: Dangerous Partners! Super-Warriors never rest
Movie #11: Crushing Super-Warrior! I am the Winner
Movie #12: The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta!
Movie #13: Dragon Fist Explosion! If Goku Can't, Who can?
Movie Specials
Bardock Special
Trunks Special
GT Special